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Week off Scouting? As if...

posted May 27, 2011, 4:38 PM by Summit Scouts
With the Court of Honor just a week away, we've a number of key events THIS WEEKEND to prepare:

1. Saturday May 28: Troop Leadership Training. (that's tomorrow!)
Troop Leadership training is a requirement to hold a troop position, including Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader. If you are 2nd class or above be at Lower Memorial Hall NO LATER than 12 noon. If you have already gone through your training and are planning on running for a troop or patrol office -- PLEASE ATTEND TO TEACH! You are the troop; without your participation the troop does not exist.

2. Sunday, May 29: The Very Last Patrol Leaders Council for this leadership crew.
8:30AM at the Broadway diner. If you are a greenbar or Patrol Leader be there. (and if can't be there send a replacement.) Note that the new scout patrols should be represented by Alex and Jake, the Patrol Leader for June.

3. Sunday, May 29: Need JUST ONE more requirement to advance? 
At 11AM -- right after the Patrol Leaders Council -- meet us at Stanley River Park (by the bridge) on River Road. We'll be taking a hike to get Plant Identification done, and can also complete other lingering requirements. Prepare yourself and be ready to be tested. Be Prompt and Be Prepared.

Other upcoming items:
- Swim Test -- required for all Scouts coming on the canoeing trek who have not yet passed their First Class swim test. this will be sometime this coming week
- Passaic River service project -- Sunday June 5, 8:30AM 
- Climbing Merit badge completion session -- Sunday, June 5, 11AM
- Court of Honor and Picnic -- Sunday June 5, 5PM